How to subscribe to our sermons feed

Listen to our sermons online? If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can listen there too.

iOS and Android
We submit our feed to Stitcher so you can download an app for either your iOS or Android device. The app will play through a list of news resources as a way of introducing you to the service. In the My Stations section, you can search and subscribe to our channel, United Church of South Royalton, and place it in a playlist on your phone. You can choose to listen Offline per playlist. Updated February 19, 2014.

Subscribe to our iTunes podcast. iTunes will start to pull the feed. Make sure to adjust the individual podcast settings for how often it should auto-update and how many sermons it should keep. If you are not seeing the Podcasts section go to the iTunes preferences/settings and check off Podcasts. Updated April 25, 2014.

Google Play Music
Subscribe to our Google Play Music podcast. Download the Google Play Music Android or iOS app and/or listen in the Google Play Music website.