Advent series

Repent of Your Sin and Religion
All Series: Advent  Baptism  Matthew  Repentance  

Readings: Matthew 3:1-12 Quotes:  “Because the only people baptized prior to this time were those converting from paganism to Judaism.  These converts, Gentiles, were considered unclean, so they were required to participate in t a symbolic washing of their filth so as to become worthy of join the community of Israel.  The convert baptized himself, […]

Are You Ready to Receive the Blessing?
All Series: Advent  Isaiah  

Readings: Isaiah 2:1-5 Quotes: “This is one of the great ‘turning points’ in the history of Israel, one that is crucial to our understanding the Bible. From this point on, the southern kingdom will be known as Judah, with Jerusalem as its capital and one of David’s descendants as their king. The northern kingdom, composed […]

The Miracle of Christmas: A New Heart
All Series: Advent  Luke  Repentance  Worship  

You cannot avoid miracles in the Christmas story. If you were to try and remove them, you would gut the story of its most crucial elements. Angels appearing, prophecies being fulfilled, God becoming a man. But maybe the greatest miracle of all in the Christmas story is a new heart; God made a way for Mary’s song to be our song.