There seems to be a preponderance of sick persons at Red Door these days, and not just with common colds or seasonal illness.  Multiple folks have had serious surgery in the last couple of months, a couple folks are dealing with nagging injuries, several are dealing with cancer, and there have been two deaths in families just in the last three weeks.  Not to mention the seasonal stuff (colds, depression)  too that has been plaguing many over the course of this brutal winter.

The elders sense that building into our calendar a time of special prayer and supplication on behalf of the sick would be appropriate; a time when folks can come and focus on Jesus with a mind towards asking him to bring about healing in their life (physical and spiritual).  Jesus expressed a serious concern and burden for those that were suffering during his earthly ministry, we feel that this is one way that we can do the same.

We plan to do four services a year (roughly following the seasonal calendar) on what has been traditionally called “Ember Days” in the historic, Catholic faith.  If you are not familiar with Ember Days, please read more about them here on our website.

The first service is coming up soon, on Friday, the 27th of February at 7:00 in the evening following our community supper.  We pray God move; have mercy on the many people in our church and community that are suffering under the weight of illness and darkness of spirit.

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