The Red Door Church will put together two, one-hour seminars on the topic of spiritual gifts to be held after worship services in early September.  The goal is to deepen our understanding of the gifts while also helping members at Red Door put their own personal gifts to use in ministry.

The first seminar will be on September 7th after our monthly pot-luck.

The second will be on September 14th after coffee hour following church.

The elders have put together a small packet of information for these seminars.  A brochure introducing the topic will be handed out this coming Sunday at church.

At the first session (Sept. 7th) those believers who are interested will take a spiritual gifts “inventory” that will help give them a sense of what some of their gifts might be.  The second session (Sept. 14th) will be a time for us to discuss in greater detail how those gifts might be exercised for the kingdom of God.

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