Covenants series

Forgiven and Made Holy in One Sacrifice
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Under the Old Covenant the people of God were not truly made clean the system they put their faith in. Not so with the gospel under the New Covenant. The blood of this covenant (the blood of Jesus), actually has the power of forgiveness within it. What is more, we are made holy under the New Covenant as God writes his laws on our hearts and gives us his holy Spirit.

The Happiest Place in the Universe
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Everyone seeks happiness, without exception. But where can it be found? Wrongly, we think that happiness is found outside of God, but the Bible teaches us that happiness is found where God is. Hebrews 9 talks about how Jesus removed the things that keep us from God (sin) and made a way for us to be in the holiest and happiest place in the universe.

A Better Covenant With Better Promises
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The Old Covenant was flawed because it could not perfect those who were under it nor did it promise to provide the enabling power to keep it. Not so with the New Covenant. This covenant not only has the power to perfect people through the blood of Christ, but it promises enablement to those with the Spirit. Pastor Josh uses the analogy of dishwashers to help us grasp these important and deep concepts.