God series

The Happiest Place in the Universe
All Series: Covenants  God  Hebrews  

Everyone seeks happiness, without exception. But where can it be found? Wrongly, we think that happiness is found outside of God, but the Bible teaches us that happiness is found where God is. Hebrews 9 talks about how Jesus removed the things that keep us from God (sin) and made a way for us to be in the holiest and happiest place in the universe.

God’s Power Unlike Earthly Powers
All Series: God  Isaiah  

It’s a common mistake to think of God’s power being like the powers we are familiar with here on earth. But God’s power is very different; most of all, God can be trusted. In this message you will hear four ways in which God’s power is different and more reliable than earthly ones.

How Can A Just God Forgive?
All Series: Forgiveness  God  Jonah  

How can God send people to Hell if He is love, people ask. But an equally challenging question is how a just God can send guilty sinners without punishment to Heaven. This is the question Jonah seems to have wrestled with in his day as he watched God forgive the brutal Assyrians.