Hebrews series

Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace
All Series: Hebrews  Prayer  

Because Jesus is a compassionate high priest, we can approach the throne of God boldly, knowing that he understands and that he longs to meet us with all sufficient grace in our hour of need. Many of us fail to pray because we think too highly of self and/or too lowly of God’s faithfulness to his promises. Christian, come boldly to the throne!

Strive to Enter the Rest that Remains
All Series: Hebrews  Rest/Sabbath  Salvation  

God warns us to not make the same mistakes Israel made of looking merely to earthly rest. The true “rest” that was promised to Israel was not Canaan–it was something greater and not fully realized until the coming of Jesus Christ. If we are to enter, however, we must strive diligently to do so and not be distracted by fatal unbelief.

Jesus, Superior to Moses
All Series: Hebrews  Moses  The Law  

Moses was a massive figure in Jewish thought. Not only did he lead Israel out of the wilderness, but he became the quintessential icon of the Law given to Israel by God through the angels on Sinai. The author to the Hebrews wants to remind his listeners that although Moses was faithful as a servant, Jesus is worthy of greater honor because he was faithful as a Son.

Jesus Made Inferior for a Time
All Series: Angels  Hebrews  The Incarnation  

The writer takes up what appears to be a potential Jewish objection, “If Jesus was made lower than the angels, and died, how can he be superior to the angels?” He demonstrates that Jesus’ humanity, far from diminishing his glory and supremacy, actually enhance it, for they became the grounds for his exaltation to the right hand of God and also the means by which he will bring his people to God.

We Must Pay More Careful Attention
All Series: Apostasy  Hebrews  

If the old covenant had sanctions because of negligence or disobedience, how much greater will the new covenant sanctions be given Christ’s superiority! For this reason (and many others), as new covenant believers, we must pay more careful attention to the message we have been privileged to receive.

Jesus is Superior
All Series: Hebrews  

The book of Hebrews was written with one major idea in view: Jesus is superior. Right from the opening paragraph, the author shows us that Jesus is greater than all that went before.