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Resurrection Sunday 2015
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Last year we looked at the historical question of the Resurrection. This year we are looking at the question, “How should we respond if this is in fact true?” Acts 2 gives us a powerful picture of what our response to Jesus’ death and resurrection should look like.

Did the Resurrection Really Happen?
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If God invaded history and the Resurrection really happened then reason would lead us to think that there would be traces. Actually evidence abounds for the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. Five facts are examined in this message which make a solid case for belief in the Resurrection as an actual historical event.

What is Palm Sunday About?
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Reading: Mark 11:1-11 Quotes: “The [pilgrims from the surrounding areas] shouted ‘Hosanna’ as they approached the city; the Jerusalem crowd shouted ‘Crucify him.’” –R. T. France in his commentary The Gospel of Mark, p. 430. Stories: Francis Schaeffer slept on the floor. Articles: “The Problem of Palm Sunday” Pastor JoshMy life is one of contradictions. I’m …