Jonah series

Angry At God
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There’s a world of difference between sons and servants. Jonah’s perspective of himself and of the Ninevites was off. The result was anger at God. Are you angry at God? It may be because you see yourself as a servant, not a son (child of God).

How Can A Just God Forgive?
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How can God send people to Hell if He is love, people ask. But an equally challenging question is how a just God can send guilty sinners without punishment to Heaven. This is the question Jonah seems to have wrestled with in his day as he watched God forgive the brutal Assyrians.

Running from God
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The story of Jonah has been treasured by Christians for two millenia, and even Jesus himself referred to the events that happened to Jonah as foreshadowing his future death and resurrection. In it we find a man like all of us, flawed and afraid and running from God; but we also find hope as God uses Jonah despite himself.