Salvation series

Strive to Enter the Rest that Remains
All Series: Hebrews  Rest/Sabbath  Salvation  

God warns us to not make the same mistakes Israel made of looking merely to earthly rest. The true “rest” that was promised to Israel was not Canaan–it was something greater and not fully realized until the coming of Jesus Christ. If we are to enter, however, we must strive diligently to do so and not be distracted by fatal unbelief.

The Heart of the Problem
All Series: John  Salvation  Theology  

In an encounter with Nicodemus, Jesus seeks to expose what the most important issue is: the need for rebirth. Like all of us, Nicodemus was preoccupied with the things on the surface, but real change and real relationship with God starts with a new heart.

Look and Be Saved!
All Series: Jesus in the Old Testament  Numbers  Salvation  The Cross  

When Israel murmured against God about going back to Egypt God sent the symbol of Egypt (“fiery” serpent) to curse and remind them that there is no protection or salvation in Egypt. But all of this was just pointing to something greater, namely, The Curse that was lifted up on a pole at Golgotha named Jesus.