Suffering series

Persevere With Community In Suffering
All Series: Body of Christ  Community/Fellowship  Hebrews  Suffering  

Suffering is a part of life that we all deal with to differing degrees. It will come inevitably to all of us. How are we to persevere? The author of Hebrews suggests that apart from real, faith-filled, Christ-centered, eternity-focused community, it is impossible. In community we suffer together and in community we persevere together.

An Acrostic to Trust God
All Series: Psalms  Suffering  The Christian Life  

When life is hard or stressful, trusting God doesn’t come naturally for us. Sometimes tools can be helpful in the pursuit of God in hard times. Psalm 25 shows us that God’s people had tools even ancient times to help them in the fight to trust God. This ancient acrostic gives us a look at what trusting God looks like.

In the Wake of Charlie Hebdo
All Series: Revenge  Romans  Suffering  

The last couple of weeks following the events in France with the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, many of us have grown bitter; more people seem to be clamoring against religion as nothing but intolerant and violent. What are we to do? How do we respond to large-scale injustice and how do we respond to it in our own everyday lives?

Giving Thanks in all Things
All Series: Gratitude  Special Services  Suffering  The Christian Life  

If our contentment in life is built upon the sands of circumstances, nice things or good relationship we are not only endangering our happiness but are guilty of committing idolatry. However, if God who never changes is the foundation of our happiness and not the blessings and gifts he bestows, we are in a position to give thanks no matter the circumstance.