The Christian Life series

Taking Second Place
All Series: Advent  Luke  The Christian Life  

John the Baptist shows us a way of life in this passage that is not only right, but satisfying: the life of taking second place. It’s not natural, nor is it easy, but it is rewarding.

Living By Simple Faith
All Series: All Saints Day  Faith  Hebrews  Moses  The Christian Life  

What is faith exactly? Is it a blind leap in the dark or is it something else? Today’s passage shows us that faith is a grounded trust in the promises of a faithful God that has proven himself in time and space. It is a simple trust in God’s word about life and all of reality. This was the faith of the saints in Hebrews 11, and it should be our faith today.

Do Not Give Up Meeting Together
All Series: Hebrews  The Christian Life  Worship  

Many today in independent, individualistic America have lost a vision for the church body gathered; we’ve lost why being together as a body is so important. Pastor Josh uses a common, regular, experience–the family birthday–to help us understand some of the reasons why God calls us to be together as a Christian body.

The Fruit of The Vine
All Series: John  The Christian Life  The Great Commission  

Last week we saw that Jesus was the true vine; the one who gives good and lasting fruit to those who abide in him. This week we look at the fruit itself. Pastor Josh focuses on six specific fruits drawn from this passage. Those who have them are true, abiding, followers of Jesus.

An Acrostic to Trust God
All Series: Psalms  Suffering  The Christian Life  

When life is hard or stressful, trusting God doesn’t come naturally for us. Sometimes tools can be helpful in the pursuit of God in hard times. Psalm 25 shows us that God’s people had tools even ancient times to help them in the fight to trust God. This ancient acrostic gives us a look at what trusting God looks like.

Giving Thanks in all Things
All Series: Gratitude  Special Services  Suffering  The Christian Life  

If our contentment in life is built upon the sands of circumstances, nice things or good relationship we are not only endangering our happiness but are guilty of committing idolatry. However, if God who never changes is the foundation of our happiness and not the blessings and gifts he bestows, we are in a position to give thanks no matter the circumstance.

All Christians Are Called To The Ordinary
All Series: 1 Corinthians  Spiritual Gifts  The Christian Life  

Paul ends his letter with common every day stuff: travel plans, greetings, notes about a collection, and a few final exhortations. The ordinariness of his requests reminds us that the Christian life is actually filled with the mundane, common stuff of life. Every Christian is called to the live out the extraordinary gospel message in the context of ordinary life.