The Great Commission series

The Fruit of The Vine
All Series: John  The Christian Life  The Great Commission  

Last week we saw that Jesus was the true vine; the one who gives good and lasting fruit to those who abide in him. This week we look at the fruit itself. Pastor Josh focuses on six specific fruits drawn from this passage. Those who have them are true, abiding, followers of Jesus.

Advent and the Great Commission
All Series: Advent  The Great Commission  

On the surface it may seem like Advent and the Great Commission have little overlap, but in fact the two are inseparable. Pastor Josh Moore gives three reasons why living out the Great Commission actually deepens and enlivens our experience of Advent.

The Gospel In Baptism
All Series: The Great Commission  

The symbolism we find in the use of water in baptism is a kind of preaching of the gospel. And because it’s a preaching of the gospel it is an essential part of the Great Commission and of the Christian life we live.

Go to All the Nations
All Series: The Great Commission  

As part of the Great Commission that Jesus has given the church, we are to go not just next door, but across the globe to “all the nations.” Today this call for us here in America may be more important than ever before.

All Disciples are Called to Make Disciples
All Series: The Great Commission  

The Great Commission is arguably one of the most important passages in all of Scripture. Here we have the great mission and purpose of the church. One of the first things we realize upon studying it is that all true disciples are called to go and make disciples.