Worship series

The Miracle of Christmas: A New Heart
All Series: Advent  Luke  Repentance  Worship  

You cannot avoid miracles in the Christmas story. If you were to try and remove them, you would gut the story of its most crucial elements. Angels appearing, prophecies being fulfilled, God becoming a man. But maybe the greatest miracle of all in the Christmas story is a new heart; God made a way for Mary’s song to be our song.

Do Not Give Up Meeting Together
All Series: Hebrews  The Christian Life  Worship  

Many today in independent, individualistic America have lost a vision for the church body gathered; we’ve lost why being together as a body is so important. Pastor Josh uses a common, regular, experience–the family birthday–to help us understand some of the reasons why God calls us to be together as a Christian body.

Clarity and Order
All Series: 1 Corinthians  Prophecy  Spiritual Gifts  Worship  

If God is not a God of disorder and chaos then our gatherings in worship and our private lives should reflect that fact. In the final analysis, both we ourselves and the outside world should be able to clearly see that the Lord is in charge of our church and not the spirit of the age.