The Surprising Roots of Young Atheists

Why do so many young people today walk away from their church roots? The answer is most likely not what you think. A recent article by Larry Taunton, founder of Fixed-Point Foundation, a group

Aronofsky’s “Noah” and the Nephilim

Darren Aronofsky’s movie “Noah” hit theaters on the 28th of March and is making a big splash in evangelical circles.  Despite complaints, it was still number one on it’s opening

The Case for Easter

This is the question of all questions for Christianity: Did Jesus Rise?  Many religious philosophers and historians believe that if you can adequately show that Jesus rose from the dead,

What is Lent?

Since becoming a Christian in college I have not attended a church that observed Lent (to my recollection), at least not while they were observing it.  I have been active

Women and the Resurrection

The resurrection is one of the most central beliefs in Christianity.  It is also one of the most disputed. Among the unchurched there is a commonly held conviction that the

Another Look at Diversity

Today, there is talk of the need for “diversity” everywhere.   Around every corner we see a push for greater diversity in all things.  It is assumed that diversity is

“The Bills”: An Interview with Wired Magazine

I just read an interesting article in the December issue of Wired.  The cover story of this edition is about an interview with the “Bills”, that is, Gates and Clinton. 

What is a Hymn?

At the Council of Toledo in Spain, A. D. 633, the definition of a hymn was canonized and written into the law of the church. The definition was adopted from

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