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My life is one of contradictions. I'm a southern boy living in northern New England; a boring guy married to super-fun girl; a conservative pastor in a progressive Christian denomination; a changed man in need of change; a sinner loved by a holy and perfect God.

Do I Need to Go to Church to Follow Jesus?: A Conversation

The following is a conversation between Pastor Joshua Moore of Red Door Church in South Royalton and Dan Isadore (M.Div.), a recent graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Associate Director of the Pittsburgh Experiment.  Josh and Dan hope to have regular discussions on various theological topics and important issues facing Christians today. Dan: So here’s …

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Is Community Optional?

Is community necessary for the Christian?  Scripture teaches that there are commands given to us by God that cannot be completed or fulfilled alone. One of the most obvious examples is the “cultural mandate” in Genesis 1:28: “Be fruitful and multiply…” Pastor Josh talks a little about some of these this week in this video …

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Healing for the Sick: A Service of Mercy on Friday, February 27th

There seems to be a preponderance of sick persons at Red Door these days, and not just with common colds or seasonal illness.  Multiple folks have had serious surgery in the last couple of months, a couple folks are dealing with nagging injuries, several are dealing with cancer, and there have been two deaths in …

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Ash Wednesday Service 2015

Ash Wednesday is coming up on the 18th. Last year I (Pastor Josh) put together a short detail on why we celebrate Ash Wednesday.  You can read it here. The service will begin at 7:00 p.m.  We hope to see you there!

Winter Clothes for Kids

A local South Royalton family is in need of winter clothes for a newly adopted child (age 6).  The boy is moving to town from California and will have nothing to wear.  The family that will be caring for him is not in a position to pay for anything. If you are willing to help, …

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Basics of the Faith Lit

We just added a series of 36 booklets to the church library entitled “Basics of the Faith.”  Each answers an important question about the Christian faith, such as “What is Grace?” or “What Happens After Death?” or “Why do We Have Creeds?” If you have questions about the doctrines of the Christian faith, this is …

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