Merry Christmas From Kenya!

Pastor Julius Nyambuoro in Kenya sends a greeting from Kenya for the people at Red Door Church (I’ve copied his words from an email this week):
 Greetings to you in Jesus name hoping that all is well. Thanks for your mail which I received a couple of days ago.

My dear brother, remember that in the last 2013 years ago, when the world was full of darkness and different types of sufferings, God gave to the world the greatest gift. Because of this gift, we as Christians, we have a wonderful reason to celebrate,rejoice and give all the glory and honor to God for what He did to the world by sending Christ.

This greatest gift from God has made us to be who we are today, to do what we have done, achieve and accomplish all that we have accomplished

My dear brother, may I ,my family and our churches in Kenya wish you, your family and the entire family of the Red door church MERRY CHRISTMAS, A HAPPY AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR OF 2015. MAY OUR GOD BE GLORIFIED FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.

Be blessed as I look forward to hear from you soon.

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