I Am Going to the Father

United Church of South Royalton
United Church of South Royalton
I Am Going to the Father

Readings: John 17:6-19


D.A. Carson from the Pillar Commentary on John:

“No longer will Jesus be ‘in the world’.  The disciples, aided by the Holy Spirit, will have to face the world’s temptations and world’s hostility without the help of his immediate physical presence and protection.”

Singer/Songwriter Lecrae from his song “Divine Intervention”:

“We all hanging by a thread cutting at the wires
Ignorant that all the sin lead to hellfire
And when I yell ‘fire,’ they tell me ‘false alarm’
‘Cause they don’t smell the smoke and they don’t sense the harm,

Something worse than the black plague’s coming
And nothing under the sun can save us from it
There’s no hope but divine intervention
And Christ saves victims who are dying from addiction.”

Video: David Platt “Why ‘Accepting Jesus Into Your Heart’ is Unbiblical and Superstitious