The Miracle of Christmas: A New Heart

United Church of South Royalton
United Church of South Royalton
The Miracle of Christmas: A New Heart

Readings: Luke 1:39-55


Darrell Bock commenting on Zacharias’ priestly duties:

“By the casting of lots Zacharias received the honor of giving the sacrifice. The custom of casting lots—required because of the large number of priests—occurred twice a day to determine which priest would offer the incense with the whole burnt offering. Only once in his life would a priest receive the special honor of offering incense in the Holy Place as part of the preparation for the sacrificial offering.”

Lynn Wilder from her book “Unveiling Grace”:

“She was so ashamed—fornication was a gargantuan sin in Mormon culture—she hung herself in her parents’ barn. Pain so consumed the girl’s mother that she quit taking care of her diabetes. Depression handed her a signed death warrant. I watched helplessly as she lost her sight, then a leg, and finally her life. She asked me on her deathbed to make sure her son graduated from high school…”


The Nicene Creed

“Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne” (Hymn)