Ratio Christi Conference in CT this Weekend: Is Christianity The Only Way?

Ratio Christi is putting on a conference in Middlefield, CT this coming Friday and Saturday (the 6th and 7th of June).  The event will be hosted at Victory Christian Church.  Our pastor, Josh Moore, who is a Ratio Christi chapter director will be attending.

What’s the conference about?  Here’s a blurb taken from an event flyer:

What is truth and can I know it? Does God exist and is there evidence? Is the Bible reliable or is it just made up? How is Jesus different? Aren’t all religions the same? Was he just a good teacher? Why use philosophy? Does that stuff really matter? Is the resurrection a historical fact? What do we know for sure? Is Christianity really the only way?

There will be several speakers including Mike Licona, Alex McFarland, John DePoe, and Randy Everist.

Believers, seekers and skeptics are all welcome.  $0 admission.  Register early, because seating is limited.  860-346-6771.


Photo Credit: http://ratiochristi.org/media/blog/images/New_England_Conference001.jpg