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For many years Red Door has taken prayer very seriously.  God calls all of His people to pray, but there are some who feel a special calling and burden from God to pray in very specific, intentional, focused and consistent manner.  This group we called our “early morning prayer warriors.”  Every morning at 5:30 we had people at the church praying.

Well for many reasons some of these folks have had to step away from that ministry (age, health, family concerns, etc.).

Last week we had a meeting after church on Sunday for those interested in prayer ministry in order to re-evaluate what we want to do to breath new life into this vital ministry at Red Door.  Here’s what was decided:

We most definitely need a dedicated group of prayer warriors that will be in prayer for the ministry of Red Door church, the South Royalton area and surrounding communities, our nation, etc.

Time of day is not as important as a commitment to focused prayer.  If the morning works then great, if its the lunch hour or afternoon or night time, that’s fine too.  The main thing is a commitment to pray.  It was suggested that folks could come to the lunch hour bible readings (M – F @ 12:30) on the day that worked for them if they so choose, hear the Bible read, and then stay in the sanctuary for a bit to pray afterwards.

Location is not absolutely crucial either.  Some will want to come to the church to pray because that will help them focus and be disciplined in prayer.  Others may want to stay at home where they have a prayer closet or special place to go before God in private.  Again, the key aspect is just the raw commitment to concentrated prayer on an ongoing, regular basis.

A book study would be helpful and useful as we seek to grow in prayer together.  Paul E. Miller’s excellent book “A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World” was the book of choice.  We will be slowly going through this book over the next 8 to 10 months and discussing it.  We invite others to join the group as we read the book; the schedule is flexible enough for folks to catch up easily even if they join late.  The church will provide a copy of the book for folks who are interested.

If you are interested in this vital ministry of prayer, please contact Carol Miller at 763-7833 or Pastor Josh at 763-7690.

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